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I’m off on a new jewelry adventure… come join me!

Let me guess: like me, you’re bored with mainstream, trendy jewelry. You’re looking for a more unique style to express your inner dark goddess, geek, nerd… your inner passions. You want to confidently show off your individuality, especially when you need to fly under the radar of the “normal” people around you.

Welcome to! I am Christine “Chris” Berni, maker of enchanting, luxurious, sultry, sensuous, elegant Jewelry That Lets Your Inner Passions Shine. You can find out more about me on the About page.

Today I finally release my first collection: Blood-Drenched Lace! As you can probably guess, I took my main inspiration from my love of vampires. (The non-sparkly kind, thankyouverymuch.) However, you may also like the Blood-Drenched Lace Collection if you are:

  • a fan of crime and forensic shows,
  • a lover of black and red,
  • someone with a flair for Gothic or Victorian design.

You like the style of my jewelry, but can’t quite find an item you want with all your heart yet? Don’t worry, I will add more products soon!

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