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Niobium Is Awesome (And Not Only Because It Led to a Scientific Breakthrough)

It’s not every day that a material you use in your jewelry makes scientific headlines!

Science geek? Who, me? Well yes, yes I am! Therefore I was very excited to hear that Niobium—the hypoallergenic metal I use for earwires and other components—gave geologists a decisive clue to how Earth’s continents originally formed. (Are you a fellow science geek? Then head on over to for the fascinating details in amateur-friendly language.)

As for its hypoallergenic properties, I can honestly tell you that Niobium earwires are the best earwires I’ve ever had. In my younger years I used to wear earrings daily. But then I started getting allergic reactions to some of my cheap fashion earrings. They ranged from swollen, itchy earlobes to the occasional slight discharge from the piercing sites. In other words, gross and uncomfortable, and occasionally painful. It got so bad that I could only wear earrings for a short time on any given day, even if the earwires were made of 18 carat gold. Over the past two decades I’ve worn earrings so rarely that the piercing sites would heal in between those times, and every time I put on earrings for a special occasion, I’d have to punch through a thin skin membrane.

Once I started wearing Niobium earwires the allergic reaction diminished considerably, with only mild irritation remaining. This means that I can wear earrings more often again! Which is perfect since I am finally (and slowly) transitioning out of the “only wear sensible mum clothes and accessories” phase I’ve been stuck in since I gave birth in 2013.

Let’s hear it for Niobium!

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