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Happy Mother’s Day 2018!

Mother's Day 2018 photo shoot with my daughter, featuring the Mina set from the Blood-Drenched Lace Collection by ChrisCrafting

Happy Mother’s Day 2018! May you be spoiled rotten, even if that only means to have a blessed uninterrupted hour or two to yourself to indulge your Benedict Cumberbatch* obsession. 😉

*insert preferred object(s) of your personal obsession
#benedictcumberbatchismyauhusband #thusnamedbymyrlhusband #iloveyouhusband

In celebration of this day, I want to share with you a few pictures from the Mother’s Day photo shoot I did with my daughter a few weeks ago. You may have seen the pictures on my Instagram already, but even if you have—take another look because I’m posting them in full size here so you’ll get to enjoy more of each picture!

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